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More Life and Vitality …as we age.


I strolled into my 80th year  (09-15-2015) feeling as alive and vital as I have ever …in my entire life.

This was not a fluke, nor the luck of having good genes.  I researched it.   I made it happen.

After watching nearly everybody I knew (in their 70’s and 80’s) showing visible signs of decline, I decided: “I can do better”.

I noticed that some people in their 80’s were doing very well. What were they doing?   So I did some research and found that we do have control over the aging process …more control than we think. 

Lifestyle affects life expectancy more than genetics.

I’m thriving at 88 because I’ve developed a very healthy lifestyle and …I’m always fine-tuning.  It’s not work, it’s fun.  It’s not painful, it feels great!  And,

11-24-2017 Just finished 5K Phoenix Turkey Trot event.

I want you to have this too!

So, I invite you to take some small steps to improve your own health and well being, simply by reading my monthly health bulletins and learning some useful tips for  your own health program.

My big edge. 

First, I need to acknowledge a huge advantage I have.  She’s my personal coach, my yoga partner, my biggest fan, and my inspiration …Victoria.  I know I wouldn’t be nearly as successful without her.  I hope you’ve got a ‘Victoria’ in your corner to help you have a very long, productive life.

Details of our morning program.

We’ve learned that while we sleep, our mind goes to a kind of neutral place.  All the problems and upsets that have occupied during our day, leave during sleep.  But, if we don’t take positive steps first thing in the morning, our mind is likely to take up where it left off the previous day.

As a “morning launch”, I get out of bed, and stand in front of the bathroom mirror, smiling for about 10 seconds (explained here).  Then I go to the side of the bed where Victoria has been basking in our morning launch, take her hands, and lift her out for a good morning warm embrace. Feels wonderful …always.

Next, we go to our yoga mats for our 25 minute yoga ritual.  We don’t have a recording to show exactly what we do, but here’s a 25-Minute Gentle Yoga Sequence for Seniors. So easy to do (even if you’ve never done yoga), and so beneficial.

Next, it’s time to do our 15 minute guided meditation. This has been in our morning practice for more years than I can remember, and so beneficial. Try it here.

Next, it’s time for our  fast paced 1 mile walk.

We’re about two hours into our morning that started at 6:30AM.

Next, I prepare breakfast, which is a high protein smoothie.  Besides the organic plant protein (9g fiber, 21g protein), my smoothie contains 1 cup filtered water, 10 raw walnuts, 1 tbsp each of crushed ginger root, cinnamon, cacao, and instant coffee  with frozen strawberries, and frozen mango chunks.

Breakfast wouldn’t be complete without a full complement of vitamin supplements. (the case for taking vitamin supplements posted here)

Now we’re ready to take on the day, and it’s not even 9:00 AM.





Bio of Alice Louise Livingston Trafton (my mom)