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The healthy Feeding Of Your Sweet Tooth

Sugar isn’t inherently bad. Actually, it’s necessary.  Our bodies run on sugar (as a carbohydrate).

It’s not healthy to remove natural sources of sugar and other carbohydrates from your diet. But, you can make healthier choices about where sweetness in your foods is coming from.

Much of our food today contains added sugar and/ or artificial sweeteners. Too much added sugar can lead to health problems including high blood sugar, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, dental issues such as cavities, increased triglycerides, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

While artificial sweeteners have been deemed safe to consume by the Food and Drug Administration, there has been some concern about health problems linked to them, including weight gain, migraine headaches, digestive issues, and possibly cancer.

Here are a few tips for people who want to reduce the refined sugars in their diets:

  • If you absolutely must use a sweetener, consider a sugar substitute like stevia from pure leaf extract  Before using stevia, check the side effects here.
  • Load up on whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, lean proteins, seafood, nuts and seeds.
  • Skip the soda, energy drinks, sweet teas and fruit juices
  • Use whole fruit as a sweetener. Add a mashed banana to oatmeal, or blend dates into a smoothie.

Follow these tips and enjoy a sweet, healthier life.

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