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Get smart about your pizza

“In a survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults, 21% said pizza was their favorite food. Pizza is certainly one of the most popular foods in the world, and the survey proved that Americans love it the most. The most popular toppings on pizza in the U.S. are pepperoni, extra cheese, mushroom, and onions.” Sep 7, 2023

But pizza falls short as a nutritious contributor to our diet. It typically is made with a very high-in-gluten flour, and is too high in calories, fat, carbs, sugar and sodium to be considered healthy.

The good news for pizza lovers is that it can be modified to be a healthy meal choice. In this article, dietitian Lisa R. Young gives 7 tips to make a healthy pizza

1 Choose a healthy crust.
2. Add an assortment of colorful vegetables.
3. Choose cheese in moderation. (Or try a non-dairy cheese),
4. Slather on the red sauce or try a pesto sauce
5. Practice portion control.
6. Complement your pizza with your favorite salad.
7. Enjoy your favorite pizza!

I hope you’re happy to discover that you can enjoy your pizza and still eat healthily.
It’s your choice!

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