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Updating our eating habits for Longevity

Most advice about healthy eating is about healthier food choices. You are, indeed, what you eat. Google healthy food choices and you’ll identify several lists compiled by food experts.

We need to have a good handle on food choices for our best health. But that’s not enough. We also need to establish healthy eating habits, and that’s where most of us could use some help.

Think your eating habits are pretty good? Do you do any of these:
*  Eating close to bedtime
*  Skipping meals
*  Eating too fast
*  Mindless eating
*  Stress eating

When, what and how often you eat matters.
If you’re interested in updating your eating habits, take a look at this program called: Mindful Eating 101.

You can start today by improving your eating habits. Please share your views and experience with me.
We’re all in this game of life together.

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