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No cure for cancer, but treatment is promising

We are losing the battle against cancer. “In the next few years, cancer will become the leading cause of death in the United States. Later in this century, it is likely to be the top cause of death worldwide. The shift marks a dramatic epidemiological transition: the first time in history that cancer will reign as humankind’s number-one killer.”

This article from Harvard Public Health goes on to explain that while great strides have been made in curing infectious diseases (with sanitation and vaccines), cancer is a very different story. There are more than 200 types of cancer, each unique in some way.

When you have cancer, abnormal cells develop, divide, and destroy healthy tissue in your body. Some types grow slowly; others spread quickly. Each kind starts in a different part of your body and has its own grades, stages, and symptoms.”

A big key to prevention lies in stress management. You won’t find definitive studies linking cancer and stress because it’s impossible to measure in a definitive way across a large number of cases.
However, the link is implied, and if you can accept that, you are well on the way to having the ability to treat and prevent cancer in your own body.

So the key to dealing with cancer is to reduce our own stress and anxiety.
Amazingly, developing our own deep breathing routine is the most immediate and powerful tool.

* Deep breathing can help lessen stress and anxiety.
* By breathing slower and more deeply from your stomach, you signal your nervous system to calm down.
* Deep breathing takes practice — it won’t be immediately helpful.
* Trying different breathing patterns, being mindful and having peer support can help improve your deep breathing practice.

Other ways to eliminate stress are to walk away from toxic situations and people. Strengthen your social network and rely on supportive relationships.

Reducing stress and anxiety is our best protection against cancer. Also, talking to you cells while beep breathing is very beneficial.

This can be easier than you might think. Victoria and I play (and follow) a 15 minute YouTube deep breathing meditation every morning. We’ve benefited for more than 20 years. Try it for yourself.

I’d love to hear from you.

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