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Best way to start your engine in the morning

We’ve all got a morning routine. How we start our day, sets the tone for the whole day. We pretty much do and think the same things in the same way, everyday, from the time we wake up. Many of us start the day with a ringing alarm clock, a big cup of coffee and a quick check of our email. But if you analyze the morning habits of very successful people, that’s exactly what they don’t do.

Most of us would benefit from a revamp of our morning routine. We need to take a good look at everything we do and think as we start our day. Make a few changes ,,, enjoy a much, much better day.

Want to take a “deep dive” into the morning routine research? Here’s an extensive article that I suggest from Science of People.

An absolute MUST for Victoria and me is a 20 minute yoga routine as part of our morning routine. If you’ve never done yoga, it may seem daunting. But it can be easier than you think. Here’s a very easy 10 minute Morning Yoga for Beginners.

Another absolute MUST for us in the morning for is meditation. To be honest, I had a hard time with meditation, even though I’ve known for years just how valuable it could be for my health and mindset.  Finally, a few years ago, we found a 15 minute guided meditation that keeps me focused on positive thoughts, while engaging my deep breathing . Try this for yourself. Very little effort to stay engaged. Just 15 minutes/ day can make your day awesome.

I hope you’ll make a little effort to examine your morning routine, and make some improvements. Try something uplifting, inspirational or good for your health…. that practice will make your day! Please let me know what you find.


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