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Do prayers help?

A couple of weeks ago my friend Paul let us know that he had a planned surgery scheduled and would need to postpone our regular Zoom call.

Next, he described the procedure in some detail. It’s to correct a heart valve problem (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement) and should be very low risk, according to 87 year old Paul.
In the final line of his message Paul says: “I’ll keep you posted and prayers are appreciated.”

Good move Paul! Asking for prayers is beneficial. Prayer can be a solid source of self-soothing and self-comfort when one is experiencing pain, coping with loss, or dealing with traumatic circumstances.(like surgery)

Prayer can also be beneficial as a form of concentrated mental motivation for achieving personal goals, and for focusing on the well-being of others. “And, of course, when one finds oneself in a hopeless or helpless situation, with no real options, no clear solution, and no actionable form of alleviation, then prayer is something to engage in to—at the very least—make one feel like one is doing at least something in the face of dire circumstances.”

Affirmative prayer works best. Affirmative prayer is a prayer where you don’t ask for anything; rather you make a statement and express gratitude as though what you want already exists. For example with Paul’s request, we could see him sailing through the surgery with little or no discomfort, and we are thankful for his complete, uncomplicated recovery.

The most effective prayer you can do must be for yourself, and it must be done with a feeling of certainty. A deep knowing that your health and well being can be perfect, even if that’s not apparent right now.

There’s a lot of good guidance about affirmative prayer on the internet. Here’s an article that could be useful to read:

Victoria and I enjoy a guided meditation every morning that you may like. It’s a lot like affirmative prayer, focusing on our physical well being. I’ve shared this before.

We are so very grateful for this beautiful guided meditation. It’s a great way to launch our day feeling light and confident.
Do you have something like this that you do every day? I’d love to hear.

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