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In quest of the side-splitting laugh

Think of the last time you had a side-splitting, tears-in-your-eyes, try-not-to-pee-your-pants laugh. Remember how good that felt?

Actually, there’s strong clinical evidence that by “tickling your funny bone” you are not only being entertained, but enhancing your physical, psychological, and social well-being.

I like that …a lot. So I set out on a quest to bring more laughter into my life. Here’s what I found:

  • It’s better and easier in a group. Laughing is contagious, and the more you can laugh with others, the more you can bolster everyone’s health.
  • Mornings have the power to set the tone for the rest of your day, so seek a laughter break in the morning if you can.
  • Spontaneous laughter or self-induced laughter? The former refers to “genuine” or unforced laughter, often in response to a stimulus. While either way is beneficial, I’m aiming for the spontaneous laughter.

We’ve developed a morning routine in our home, designed to generate more spontaneous laughter. I’m lov’n the results so far. Here’s how it works:

As I prepare breakfast, Victoria cruises the internet in search of potential humor. Frankly, most of what we’ve found is not very funny to us. Different jokes for different folks. But over time we’ve been able to find the kind of humor that consistently works best for us. I’m happy to report that now, we do enjoy humor with breakfast. We even get some side-splitting laughs from time to time.

More laughs in your life? I hope so. Share your thoughts with me . . .please.

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