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What about your Emotional Health?

Have you noticed? These are angry times. Watch the news …you’re bound to see plenty to be angry about.

Anger is one of the basic human emotions, as elemental as happiness, sadness, anxiety, or disgust. These emotions are tied to basic survival and were honed over the course of human history.
Of course, anger too easily or frequently mobilized can undermine relationships or damage physical health in the long term. Prolonged release of the stress hormones that accompany anger can destroy neurons in areas of the brain associated with judgment and short-term memory, and weaken the immune system.”

When your emotions (like anger) hurt yourself or others, it’s a clear sign that your mental (and physical) well-being is out of wack.

The path to improved emotional health is simple (but not easy for most). First, you need to monitor your emotions. It may surprise you, but many people don’t know how they feel in the moment. Do you?

Do you feel good, or rotten? The goal is to take charge of your feelings and do what ever it takes to feel better.

Here is a very thorough article on many aspects of emotional health, including ways to maintain or even improve your emotional health.

I’m happy to report that Victoria and I practice most of the suggestions found in this article. We are in good emotional health.

We don’t watch the news but we rely on email news feeds to stay “news-of-the-world” current.
How’s your emotional health? I’d love to hear from you.

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