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Are there dangerous chemicals in your home?

How do we know that the cosmetics, personal care products, household cleaners and detergents we use are safe from toxic chemicals? The short answer . . . we don’t.

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) of 1976 “that provided the EPA with authority to require reporting, record-keeping and testing requirements, and restrictions relating to chemical substances and/or mixtures” excluded nearly all the items we use in the home. Food, drugs, cosmetics, pesticides, household cleaners and detergents are excluded from EPA monitoring.

In most homes, we’re exposed (on a daily basis) to chemicals that we’re told are safe, but that could actually be toxic to the human body.

How can you protect yourself (and your family) from toxic chemicals in the home? Three ways:

1. Make your own chemical free (yet effective) cleaners. Non-toxic natural cleaning solutions are easy to make, store, and they clean just as well as commercial cleansers.

2. Buy plant-based, naturally derived, nontoxic, and biodegradable cleaning products that are made using sustainable manufacturing practices. Requires some research to find the ones that actually work well, are truly organic, nontoxic, and better for the environment, and those that simply claim to be. Good help here. We’ve been using nothing but plant-based cleaning products for more than 10 years.

3. Check into the Environmental Working Group (EWG) They are non-profit started in 1993 to investigate and analyze the contents of more than 2,000 cleaning supplies on the American market. The EWG gives products letter grades based on how toxic they are. Some of the findings are quite shocking.

Hoping that this is useful to you . . . .and to your family.

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