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More Rituals = Better Health

Victoria and I do some very powerful rituals each morning. The doing of them is a huge boost for our day. How about you? Do you know about the power of rituals?

Research shows that rituals offer numerous psychological advantages such as helping us savor experiences, giving us a sense of control, and reducing anxiety.”

We all have our daily routine behaviors such as brushing our teeth, taking a bath, etc. Mostly, we do our routines without much thinking. Rituals are quite different, and much more powerful.

A ritual is a set series of actions that we perform regularly. But unlike routine behaviors such as brushing our teeth, rituals are meaningful acts we do with intent. Rituals embody what matters to us by putting our values into practice.”
Rituals also give you time for yourself whether your doing them alone, with a partner or a group.  It’s a sacred time to celebrate & appreciate yourself.

Here are the three powerful rituals that Victoria and I perform each morning:

  • Yoga, 25 minutes. As we go through the various postures, we are consciously connecting with that part within ourselves which is calm and centered.  We are in total appreciation of the way our body performs for us.
  • Meditation, 15 minutes. We are blessed to have found a guided meditation many years ago that is very easy to use, and very effective. You can check it out here.
  • Our morning protein smoothy. You might assume that the preparation of the same breakfast every day would be mechanical. But in fact I find that I need to be fully focused on the amount and order that the 9 separate ingredients are added and mixed. Then we focus and appreciate the wonderful taste and nutrition of our breakfast masterpiece, while Victoria scans online news feeds for upbeat stories to share.

Many people are seeking ways to deal with their anxiety and grief during the current pandemic. One way that helps is to institute rituals in your day according to health experts.

I’m urging you my friend, to consider the addition of some new rituals in your life. And, I’d love to hear from you.

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