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We all Deserve the Perfect Partner

We all want one person in our daily life who showers us with love and adores us unconditionally. Someone we trust without doubt. That’s the perfect partner. Together we can share the best that life has to offer.

Yet so few of us ever experience or can sustain this kind of relationship. Look around, do you know of any couples who act like they just can’t get enough of each other?

The main reason that so many fail to have the perfect partner is because most of us fear intimacy …at a very deep level. In the world we live in separation is the norm. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? We long for intimacy yet we fear it.

But, even if the “perfect partner” relationship has eluded you or you feel that you had it but lost it …take heart. It’s not too late for you, no matter how many times you’ve failed. No matter how old you are.

I was 54, failed in two marriages and many, many relationships …before Victoria came into my life. At first I didn’t recognize her. Didn’t know she was looking for the same kind of relationship as me. But within a few weeks I knew and she knew that this was the opportunity of a lifetime. This was the opportunity to create something more spectacular than either of us had ever dreamed of.

We met in a personal growth workshop. Together we attended several workshops within the first few weeks we were together. We learned that to have any chance of having the kind of the relationship we both wanted, we had to transcend our fears and reveal our deepest darkest secrets and fears to each other. Risking that we might find out we weren’t meant to be together.

Fast forward 33 years. We are more in love than ever.

If you want something more from your primary relationship there is an abundance of helpful information on the internet. Try key words: intimate relationship trust. Best place to meet someone is special interest groups that hold your interest, like meditation or art, community classes, volunteer work, or even those online dating websites.

Here’s a wonderful 15 minute guided meditation we do often: Abraham Hicks Relationships Meditation    Great insights in just 15 minutes!

I would love to hear from you on this topic.

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