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Our body Temple …why bother

Aging sets in when we give up on our health and well-being.

Our body, our physical self, truly is our temple. It is the instrument with which we are able to experience life and express our essence in the world.

That being the case, wouldn’t you expect that we would take very, very good care of our temple? But typically we do just the opposite. We build and maintain a separation from our body. When we experience the inevitable challenges in life, we keep it drugged, anesthetized, alcoholized, and filled with whatever else we can stuff into it to keep it from making its presence felt.

In addition to physical abuses, there are many other subtle habits that also slowly sabotage our body and our well-being, and we all do them, at least sometimes.

Finally we notice that our body is aging and there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about it. That’s when we may well decide that the quest for good health is pointless …why bother.

Our body is incredibly resilient. It turns out that no matter how much we’ve abused it in the past we can always take actions to bring it back to a better state of health. There is an abundance of great information on the internet, and on my website.
Here’s an excellent “Ramp up your resilience!” article from Harvard Medical School.

Finally, I want to share a guided meditation that Victoria and I do every day …because it is so grounding and helpful to us. Just 15 minutes.

I would love to hear from you about this topic.  Thanks for reading.

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