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Why Feeling Useful Matters

By now most of us have learned that the key to a happy fulfilling life has to do with contribution …being useful to others. More and more research has weighed in to demonstrate how being good to others is good for you—for your well-being, health, and even your longevity.

But how do we find the best way to make our best, most rewarding contribution? That seems to be a big challenge for many.

Your most rewarding contribution may not produce income for you. If that’s OK with you, look into volunteer opportunities. I have friends and family who enjoy invaluable satisfaction from their volunteering.

If you are thinking about doing what you love …and getting paid for it, you would do well to do a skills and talents self assessment. There is lots of professional help on the internet to guide you with this. One of the most respected and easiest to use is High 5 Test. And it’s free.

The next step is to determine how to leverage your strengths and talents to produce the most satisfaction and fulfillment for you. There’s help on the internet for this too. You might google “leverage strengths and weaknesses”

If you prefer personal expert help, this is available too. I have not personally sought out a personal life coach (because I live with one), but I have witnessed people making huge positive changes in their lives with the help of an expert. You can google “personal life coach services”, and you can also check out Victoria Trafton’s Third Act website. She’s been very successful helping people redefine and redirect their professional and personal lives.

Personally, I’m delighted and fulfilled with the ways I’ve chosen to make my contribution. This monthly health oriented newsletter continues to be a major source of pleasure and gratification.
I hope this monthly bulletin has been helpful to you, my cherished reader. Can you think of someone you know who would benefit?

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