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You don’t need to wait for the inoculation

You can protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus right now …if you haven’t already.
It’s an insight that I’ve shared with you before. Focus on doing all you can to build your healthy immune system and do whatever it takes to obtain peace of mind.

With all the craziness going on around us, “peace of mind” (the absence of mental stress or anxiety) may seem nearly impossible to achieve. Yet, peace of mind is exactly what we must have in order to completely protect ourselves from this virus.

We can do this! There’s a plethora of valuable guidance on the internet. Try this excellent article: 7 Tips to Stay Focused and Achieve Peace of Mind

“The most important step to achieving peace is to acknowledge the fact that you have control over your mind, including your thoughts and how you respond to others. If you refuse to take responsibility for your reactions to others then you will never live in peace. However, when you accept that you are in control of how you respond to people and situations you can begin to make progress in this area instead of living controlled by things that are happening around you.”

At the top of the 7 tips: Learn to practice mindfulness meditation. We have practiced a daily meditation for many years.  is very easy. Just 15 minutes long. The guide (Abraham) prompts our deep, regular breathing and the words are very soothing.

Getting the inoculation will likely give us the peace of mind and the protection we need. But we don’t have to wait. I’d love to hear your views …especially if you are challenged with peace of mind.

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