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How to Change your True Age

It’s a fascinating topic really. If you want to know your true age, don’t look at the calendar. The calendar tells you your chronological age, but this number may be far from accurate in defining your true age.

As it turns out, your true age is not a simple number but is a combination of where you stand along three dimensions. These three dimensions are your functional ages. The three functional ages represent your biological age, your psychological age, and your social age …and, you can change (improve) all three.

Biological Age
When you change a few basic things in your life, you can begin to not only change the way you feel, but you can also turn back the hands of time to a certain extent. Here are Five Tips to Lower Your Biological Age Today: Get more quality sleep, eat more vegetables, reduce the amount of processed sugar in your diet, get more exercise, and stop smoking (if you haven’t already).

Social Age
Your Social age reflects society’s definition of aging. We are expected to become parents in our 20’s and 30’s and grandparents in our 50’s and 60’s.Being a grandparent defines us as old. We are expected to contribute in the workplace from our early 20’s until mid 60’s when we retire. In reality today, we can retire at any age if we have the money and we can contribute in the workplace into our 70’s and 80’s. Many people today who love their work choose not to retire at 65, because working “keeps them young”.

Many in our society focus on social age as a blue print for living. However, we have the freedom and flexibility to chart our own life course …most often leading to a more satisfying life.

Psychological Age
Your psychological age can be broken down into cognitive functioning– your abilities to learn and remember—and emotional functioning—your ability to handle and manage your feelings.
If you are interested in looking and feeling much younger than your chronological age …this is the most powerful area of interest.

Research into emotional functioning has produced a specialty field of psychology called Positive Psychology and Positive Aging. Here is where we can learn to better manage our thoughts and feelings, and make our True Age one that we can be truly happy with.

This is supposed to be the season of joy, but this year is particularly challenging for many. This year of Covid challenges has stressed most of us in some way. It’s a great time to learn about Positive Psychology and enjoy the benefit …at any age. It’s never too late to age positively. You can lower your “true age” with healthy practices at any age. Give this gift to yourself and those you love this holiday season.

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