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Are you Zoom exhausted?

I hear a lot today about ZOOM exhaustion…. ZOOMed out. It is easy to over commit to ZOOM meetings if we are at our desk all day.
Don’t overdo on this technology. Use ZOOM to enhance your life, not exhaust you. You can use it for business and pleasure.

We have talked to family in Australia for years using video based technology. Now we’re wondering why we didn’t reach out to more distant family and friends.
Lately we have reconnected with friends from our past that we may never see in person again. It is so good to reconnect. We can see each other and the friendship comes back in a second.

But, it can be exhausting. Especially if we’re on with many other people or we’re on for an hour or more. Especially if we want to make a good impression and we’re feeling uncomfortable about using the service.

Here are some suggestions for making your Zoom experience less stressful, less exhausting …and way more rewarding:

  • Position your camera at face level so that you look your best. You’ve seen people using a laptop where the camera is pointing upward at their throat and chin. Makes them look weird and that’s the last thing you want. If you need to use a laptop or smart phone for your call, set it up on a platform or tripod so that your camera is level with your face.
  • Learn to be comfortable and confident by taking some time to check out the Zoom features. Zoom offers great info in their support center such as tutorials and step by step instructions on how to get started.  Here’s a link to the tutorial page.  You can also sign up for live trainings there.
  • Check out these 10 really good tips from USA Today for making your Zoom experience the very best.

If you’re going to being using Zoom anyway, why not take full advantage and become a Zoom pro with just a few minutes of investment.

I don’t see any downside to this and I’d love to know what you think.


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