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Is 2020 your year?

The astrologists are saying it, the numerologists are saying it, even the Pleiadians are saying it …” 2020 holds a great shift in consciousness, empowering all who answer the call to connect with their next highest frequency.”

In other words, this is the year, like no other time in our lifetime, to expect big changes.  

Unfortunately, many will be overwhelmed be these changes.  But many others will seize this opportunity and achieve huge positive changes in their lives …this year.

What are the big changes you want in your life?

Not sure?  Here’s a very complete article that will give you clarity about the changes you really want, even if you think you already know.

For me, it’s all about contribution.  I want to make a more meaningful contribution to my family and community this year.  Don’t know quite what that looks yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

With contribution in mind, I’d love to offer a conversation about life purpose …to you.  Just send me an email and we’ll set up a time to talk. Please keep in touch,


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