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Do we really need friends?

I was a little surprised to learn just how important friendships are to our health and well-being, especially as we get older.  A variety of research studies conclude:
– Friendship is the single most important factor in determining a person’s happiness.
-Adults should take social relationships as seriously as other risk factors—-weight, smoking and exercise—-that affect mortality.

Wow, I definitely need to cultivate some new, deep relationships. I’ve lost some good friends over the past few years and I need to rebuild. Maybe that’s you too. Trends show that, in general, we have fewer friends than we did a decade ago.

Making the time to find and cultivate friendships is the big challenge for me, and I’ll bet for you too. I’ll need to spend less time on email and Facebook. Here are some good pointers from Mayo Clinic on meeting new friends.

Since time is such a scarce commodity for me, I need to be smart about the search. As I expand my social circle, I want to cultivate just one or two deep (trusting, supportive, vulnerable, empathetic) relationships, and I realize this could take a long time.
Honestly, I’m hoping you’ll join me in this quest. Could be fun. Let me know.

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