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The EMF radiation scare

I have some friends who are obsessed with the supposed health dangers from electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. That’s the radiation we are exposed to whenever we use our cell phones, microwave ovens, wireless computers, smart meters, WiFi, , bluetooth, power lines, or MRI scans. These concerns are real, and my friends want the government or the cell service companies to do something about it.

But it’s not likely that EMF radiation will be reduced in the near future because:
# The public wants the very products and services that produce the radiation,
# Worldwide, there’s no agreement on (safe) levels of radiation,
# So far, no one has successfully brought suit and shown a direct connection between an illness and over exposure to cellphone use.

In 2018, the American Cancer Society issued a statement noting that the findings were still inconclusive, and that, so far, a higher cancer risk in people has not been seen, but that people who are concerned should wear an earpiece when using a cell phone and limit their use.

Still, lots of people are rightly concerned, and because of their focus (fear), they are placing themselves at risk of attracting the very radiation damage they fear (Law of Attraction).

How can we protect ourselves?
As it happens, there’s lots of advice on the internet. Here’s a well researched article that gives 14 specific things you can do to mitigate negative health effects of EMF exposure.

Victoria and I practice some of these tips, and we focus on basic health practices of sleep, diet, exercise and positive mindset. We also practice a very powerful and effective “self-healing” program we’ve been learning from Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Sue Morter .

We’ve taken workshops and read books by both of these incredible teachers, and we’re registered for Dr. Morter’s October 11th Scottsdale workshop.

I don’t usually promote teachers or programs, but if you’re interested in learning to leverage your body’s natural self-repair mechanisms, join us in Scottsdale on Oct. 11th. This could be huge for you!

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