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Should we be standing …to eat?

I don’t know anyone who eats standing up …except me.

But, when I did an investigation into the potential health benefits, I discovered plenty of evidence (surprisingly) that eating while standing can be better for you than sitting while eating.

There are, however, a couple of potential hazards to eating while standing up:

  • It’s easy to eat too fast and not really savor your food.  It’s called ‘mindful eating’   and it’s a very important health practice.
  • It’s very important to maintain good posture while eating …for obvious reasons.

I’ve been eating two of my three meals each day while standing.  It’s seems to be working very well.  It’s efficient and now I know it’s probably the healthiest way too.

My morning meal is a high protein smoothie (containing raw almonds, coconut water, hemp meal powder, cacao powder, Saigon cinnamon, turmeric powder with ground pepper, chocolate almond beverage, blended with frozen blueberries and strawberries).  After this is blended, I blend in 2 organic free range raw eggs.  Of course this is all done while standing, and then I enjoy drinking the highly flavorful mixture …while standing and taking short breaks to do other things.

My noon meal is prepared at the cutting board, slicing raw baby carrots, celery, apples, fresh figs and strawberries (in season), eating as I’m slicing, and dipping the carrot slices in a kale/cashew/basil/pesto dip.  I often toast one or two slices of rice bread (with seeds) and spread  the toasted slices with almond butter.  We also enjoy veggie root chips and a small piece of 85% cacao chocolate.

Victoria takes a break most days to enjoy lunch together. She sits at the counter and reads aloud or we discuss what we learned in the morning while I prepare our wonderful food.

As you can see, the food I’m eating at these two meals requires no eating utensils.  It’s all finger food.

Can you see yourself eating this way?  Maybe worth a try?

I’d love to hear from you.

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