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The #1 Secret to your Best Body …at Any Age

In order to achieve our highest level of health, we would need to be in total control of our cells and genes …do you agree?  Actually,  a sizable body of research shows that we do, in fact control our cells and genes …with our thoughts.  But there’s a big problem.  It seems that for the most part, we aren’t able to sustain the kind of thoughts that would give us optimal health.

Why can’t we think ourselves to better health?

  • We’ve been conditioned to believe that we have no real control over our cells and genes.  Things just happen to us, and they can only be fixed by a health practitioner or a pill.
  • Humans have a predisposition to negativity. We pay far more attention to dark emotions like anger, sadness, pain, and disappointment than we do to great feelings like joy, gratitude, and contentment.

Despite these obstacles, we can indeed achieve the level of health we desire.  It takes work.  It takes determination.  For most of us, it means creating new habits.

First and foremost we must believe (with no reservations) that we do, in fact control our health (at the cellular level) …with our thoughts.

Next, we need to constantly be aware of our thoughts and feelings regarding our health.  We need to be aware of how our body feels at any given time, and if it’s not feeling good …take care of it.  The objective is to feel good …about our body and our life.  If you’re feeling pain or just discomfort, here’s an article that could help you get back to that good feeling place we all want.

With or without pain, meditating every day is the best habit I know of to feel our best health.  Victoria and I practice a 15 minute guided meditation (skip the commercial) that is easy to follow …and very effective.

No matter what your health condition is now, armed with this awareness, you can create your own personal treatment plan …and put it into action.  When you do, you make your body ripe for miracles. Anything – including spontaneous remission – is possible.

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  1. Donald Pick Donald Pick

    It was very nice to meet you and Victoria at the meet & greet at the Villages at Aviano pool. Good luck with your home sale and move.

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