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The very best habit for optimal health

I’m happy to say that in my 82nd year on the planet, I’m very pleased with my state of health.  It’s because I’m practicing daily health habits, like being very selective about food intake, practicing daily yoga, exercise and walking.  But the most effective habit we have is the daily practice of meditation. 15 minutes of guided meditation every morning.

Why does meditating have such a huge positive influence?  Because the practice of meditation nurtures the mind, and the thoughts we think.  Turns out, the thoughts we think have the most profound influence on our total health and well being.

This article from Psychology Today gives 20 scientific reasons to start meditating today.

So why isn’t everybody meditating?  Because it’s too difficult.  It takes commitment to spend at least 15 minutes each day …doing nothing.  This may sound a little silly unless you’ve tried meditating in the past …then you know what I’m talking about.  It took us years to finally find a meditation that works so well, is so easy to do …we can do it every morning without fail.

If you see the value of meditating, but think it might be too difficult to sustain, I’m about to share the very easy to do 15 minute guided meditation that Victoria and I do each and every day.  We have this Physical Well Being Meditation on a CD.  Here it is on YouTube for free.

To get started we simply set down in our most comfortable chairs and start the soundtrack (eyes closed).  Just focus on the breathing.  When distracting thoughts come through, it’s pretty easy to bring your focus back to the words in the meditation …and to focus on your breathing.

Before you start, you may want to do some research on your own.  There are many, many “how to do it” articles on the internet.  This is a good one.

I hope you’ll let me know if you’ve “got the habit” already, or if you’re ready to try meditation as a powerful health focus for you.  Let me hear from you.

Best health to you and yours,

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