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Who wants to live forever?

The option to reverse the aging process in humans is very near, according to some scientists. This article in Time Magazine describes the latest research results from Harvard University and concludes: “Researchers have found a way to protect a mouse’s DNA from the damage that comes with aging, and they’re ready to test it in people.”

Another anti-aging approach that’s producing positive results right now is all about lengthening your telomeres.  Check out this article from Dr. Josh Axe called “How to Lengthen Your Telomeres & Unlock the Key to Longevity”

There’s plenty of evidence that we can slow down or stop the aging process today, but do you really want to?

I can’t imagine that anyone would want to live forever.   But what we DO want (all of us) is to keep our bodies and our minds working in tip-top shape …as we rack up those years.  Why?  Because we’ve got meaningful, satisfying projects that nurture us and those we love.  And we don’t want to “check out” as long as we’re making progress on our pet projects.  Am I right?

It’s clear to me that our highest priority has to be the nurturing of our own body and mind.  That, I must admit, takes a lot of my time and attention.  Next, we need to identify and pursue projects or causes that we feel passionate about …that we feel will make a difference.

Talk to supportive friends and family if you’re uncertain about your best projects or passions.  Also, here’s an article from Forbes that could help: “Finally, A Simple Formula For Finding Your Passion”

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Give me a shout.

Better health to you and yours,
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