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2017 is bound to be awesome!

Why? The short answer is: “because we say so.” There are several ”truths” that deserve a reminder here:
1. We are, each of us, totally responsible for the way our life experience progresses.
2. Whatever we focus on becomes our “truth”.
3. When we focus on what we want, more than what we don’t want (i.e.: what we fear we’ll get), we’re guaranteed to get what we want.

If you’re comfortable with these “truths”, then 2017 can be fantastic for you …no question.  If, however, you have any doubts about these “truths”, let me point you to the scientific evidence that will make you a believer.  Just contact me, please.

Victoria and I chose ‘New Beginnings’ as our 2017 theme, thinking that while 2016 was very good for us, we can use that ‘good’ foundation as a ‘new

new beginnings 2017
new beginnings 2017

beginning’ for an even better 2017.

So, what’s your greatest ‘want’ for 2017?   It works best to be very general about this because (in my experience) it’s easier to manifest a general (like ‘more wealth’), than a specific (like ‘a new sports car’).

As it turns out, Victoria and I have the same big ‘want’ for 2017.  It’s ‘greater health and well-being’, because we understand that when we focus on this and stay at the top of our game, physically, mentally and spiritually, everything else we want (love, happiness, wealth) just seems to naturally flow to us.

The practice: In order to have a better life experience, we have to make some ‘adjustments’; we have to take some ‘corrective steps’.  We have to do something we weren’t doing before.  Doesn’t that make sense?  And, we have to make a regular practice of these ‘adjustments’.  That is, we have to do our new practice every day.

Our new practice takes place every morning right after our 30 minute yoga practice.  It’s basically a 15 minute guided meditation with a melodic beat that helps us keep our breathing slow and regular. First we focus on our breathing using the Quick Coherence Technique From HeartMath

Next we focus on what it feels like to be at the top of our game; what all we can appreciate about our life as it is right now; all that makes us feel good.  Not just thinking about what feels good, but really feeling it in the chest cavity.  15 minutes, every day.

Throughout the day we try to pay attention to everything that brings us good feelings, and we try to divert our attention from negative things we can’t fix.  Difficult to do sometimes.

I’m absolutely certain that 2017 will be an outstanding year for you …if you practice feeling good more than feeling fear and doubt. That’s just the way it works.

I’d love to hear from you about your plan of action.

Best wishes for a spectacular 2017 …for you!


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  1. Diane Diane

    I agree Donald. It’s all about what you focus on. Awareness & appreciation is always uplifting. When you create an energy, good or bad, it has a way of manifesting. You just never know in what form.

    I would add an additional step that I learned from Kabbalah & has been very helpful. Rather than ignore the negative, focus on what it is about the negative experience that is teaching us something. Many times we perceive negative things as bad but in truth they are all opportunities for growth.

    I also like your “10 minutes of smiling” morning practice. Research has shown that not only do emotions create expressions but expressions create chemical changes in our brains that can change our emotions. We CAN choose to be happy & that is certainly AWESOME!

    • Thanks for your comments Diane! Obviously you’re doing a lot of research …like me. I really believe this is the most important area for our focus.

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