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Should We Eat Gluten Free?

We decided to eat gluten free a couple of years age on the recommendation of Victoria’s Naturopathic Physician. She had conducted a series of food sensitivity tests, and determined that while Victoria was not gluten intolerant, there was sensitivity enough to recommend stopping the intake of gluten.  In other words, she’d feel better on a gluten free diet.

Removing all gluten from our diet has been a challenge.  It’s amazing how many foods that we liked are made with wheat, rye or barley. Plus, because of it’s glue-like properties, gluten is often added to other food products—pasta, sauces, crackers, baked goods—to thicken or bind those products together. So, we don’t eat pie, cake, cookies , donuts, bread (except brown rice bread), pizza crust, flour tortillas, beer, etc.

A side benefit of eliminating these products is that our overall diet is much healthier.  Turns out, when we eliminate these produces, we eliminate a lot of the health-damaging sugars and bad starches found in the average diet.  No wonder people feel better on a gluten-free diet.

The Risks of Going Gluten-Free
Wheat (and to a lesser degree, rye and barley) dominates the American diet, so when you go gluten free, you need to find good substitutes for the fiber, carbs and nutrients you’ve been counting on in these grains.  Brown rice, quinoa, lots of fresh vegetables and vitamin supplements are working well for us. But, this diet does cost more.

Bottom line
We’re happy (and healthier) on our gluten free diet, and we recommend it to everyone, especially if they struggle with bloating, cramps, gas, or unwanted fat at the waist.

If you’re thinking about a gluten free diet for yourself, give me a shout and let me tell you about some of the yummy, nutritious foods we’re including in our gluten free diet.

Wishing you a healthier, happier Life …no matter your age,

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