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More intimacy for better health

How important do you think intimacy is to your health and well-being?  Dr. Dean Ornish is a highly respected physician who says:
“There isn’t any other factor in medicine – not diet, not smoking, not exercise, not stress, not genetics, not drugs, not surgery – that has a greater impact on our quality of life, incidence of illness and premature death from all causes than loneliness and isolation.”

“Love and intimacy — our ability to connect with ourselves and others, is at the root of what makes us sick and what makes us well, what causes sadness and what brings happiness, what makes us suffer and what leads to healing. If a new drug had the same impact, virtually every doctor in the country would be recommending it for his or her patients. It would be malpractice not to prescribe it — yet, with few exceptions, we doctors do not learn much about the healing power of love, intimacy, and transformation in our medical training.” Dr. Ornish’s article here.

Over the years Victoria and I have learned some important “tricks” for building better intimacy as partners:
1. Hugs are a very important part of our morning program, and throughout the day. “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. 12 hugs a day for growth.”  Virginia Satir.   (She may be right. We do it because it feels good.)

2. We admire each other …and say so …all the time.

3. We frequently hold hands in public.
4. Trust has always been crucial to us, from the very beginning. So we continually acknowledge and appreciate the trust we share.
5. We do daily exercise together, yoga together, and meditate together.

We do all this because it feels good.  We understand that feeling good is vital to our health and well-being.  Does this make sense?

Suggested action for you: Share this post with your partner, and agree to improve your intimacy …for your health sake.
Also, you and your mate want to check out the bonus benefits of the ultimate intimacy.


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