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Give yourself a “Happy” break!

The other day I watched a video that made me feel so good, I had to watch it again.  I laughed a lot (always good for health), and I learned some important things I can use to improve my own health and well being.

Of course I want to share it with you, but I need to let you know it’s 32 minutes long. Don’t try to watch it now. Not while you’re trying to get through a ton of emails.  Instead, put this message in your “action” file, and try it when you can schedule a 35 minute “for yourself” period. You’ll get so much more benefit.

It’s called The Life-altering Power of a Positive Mind delivered by Shawn Acher, Harvard professor and positive psychology researcher.

I hope you get back to me,  and let me know if this was valuable to you.
I’d love to hear from you.   Let me know what you’re doing to take good care of yourself.
My very best wishes for your good health …to you and your family,
IMG_0878 (1) Donald (at 80)

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