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Enjoy aging …Really?

Celebrating my 80th birthday was huge for me,  because I’ve achieved this milestone with (what many call), incredible health …both mentally and physically.  I’m having a blast!

I’ve known for a long time that the very best thing I can do for my loved ones, and for myself, is to maintain my good health and well being as I pile up the birthdays. Actually, that’s true for you too, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t you love to live a healthier, happier life?  Hope so, because that’s the whole point of this monthly bulletin I send your way.

There’s so much interest in this subject ( aging).  You could spend hours and hours (I did) researching for the best advice.

I just found a very good guide based on author and National Geographic fellow Dan Buettner’s research.  He took multiple expeditions to all parts of the planet and discovered some places where people are living far longer than the average human.  He’s spent years studying the people in these “Blue Zones”, where people were not only living long and healthy lives, but measurably happier ones as well. Here’s a very good Blue Zones resource link.

“From all of our research we have found that there are nine lessons, which we discovered in every Blue Zone in the world,” Buettner says. “We call them the Power 9.”
These are:
Move naturally, Find purpose, Down shift, The 80 per cent rule, Plant slant, Socialise at Five, Belong, Right tribe, Loved ones come first.

Every one of these make perfect sense to me.  While this article was written for the UAE, I had no problem applying it to my situation.  What about you?  Could you see yourself doing some of these …any of these?

Here’s the article, just out, giving 9 tips to living a healthier and happier life.    I hope you’ll read (a 10 minute read) and give me your feedback.  Helpful?

I’d love to hear from you.   Let me know what you’re doing to take good care of yourself.
My very best wishes for your good health …to you and your family,
IMG_0878 (1)Donald (at 80)

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