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Choosing Good Health

donald-traftonThe older I get (I’m nearly 80), the more it’s clear to me that life is all about choices.  Even when Life hands us situations we didn’t really want, we make choices about the way we deal with them …or not.

A few years ago when I saw friends and family getting “old” right in front of me, I decided to find a better way …and I’ve been very successful so far. It’s a program of eating right, exercising daily, and taking supplements that work.

Melaleuca supplements are the most effective and provide the “best bang for the buck” I could find …and they continue to improve! If you’ve received your February order, you have the new catalogs and descriptions of several new supplements you deserve to know about:
– CoQ10+
– Vitamins K2-D3
– Acuity AZ
– CardiOmega EPA
– Florify
Thank you Melaleuca!  I’m adding these to my Healthy Living Arsenal. And if you haven’t placed your February order yet, see if you want to include any of these new supplements in this month’s order. Remember, you earn 15% in Loyalty Shopping Dollars by shopping online, or by phone, from the 1st of the month through the 20th.

Please  reply to this email if you have any comments.  We always love to hear from you.

And, please forward this to any friends who are serious about good health. (see forward link below)

My very best wishes for your good health …to you and your family,


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