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It’s tea time again!

Hope you’re enjoying excellent health right now.  You know, it’s cold and flu season, and many folks we know are not doing well.  So I thought I’d share our secret for staying free of colds and flu (which we have for the last 5 years).

First, here’s a link to a Natural Immune Boosters Research Report; very good suggestions on boosting your immune system (the secret), and dealing with cold or flu if you already have it.

Here’s what we do: at the first symptoms, we brew a cup of G’day Herbal tea (from Melaleuca), and add half a sleeve of  Activate Immune Complex.  You can use one tea bag for at least 3 cups of tea and use one entire sleeve for the 3 cups. The report (above) advises to “Drown the cold with G’Day Melaleuca Tea — one cup per hour”.   Hope you have G’day herbal tea and Activate Immune Complex on your shopping list.
Our very best wishes for your good health …to you and your family,

(celebrating 25 years of marriage 8/23/2014)


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