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Mind powered health

You may have heard that our beliefs play a very important role in the outcome of any health practice we pursue …weather it’s having a medical procedure or taking pills.  Much of the medical researcher community now concedes that the mind has an influence, although just how much, they can’t agree.

So, how can we take advantage this?  Before I make any changes to my health program, I do the research.  If my research findings support the change, I’ve developed an expectation that the change will produce the benefit I want.

I appreciate the research documentation provided by Melaleuca for their new products.  When I’ve determined the science makes sense, I expect great results.  So far I’ve gotten the benefits I expected.

So when I take my Vitality pack (of 10 pills), instead of being annoyed that I’m taking so many pills at a time, I visualize all the cells of my body being nurtured.  It works!


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